Conservation Management Plan

All Saints' Updated Conservation Management Plan 2016

What's it all about?

A Conservation Management Plan (CMP) is a Plan to Manage the Conservation of a heritage site or item in such a way that the things that make it “heritage” can be preserved for future generations, while giving the custodians sufficient flexibility to do as much as possible to make use of it.

CMPs therefore form a fundamental building block in the long term planning of any individual or institution which has custody of the heritage item. With an approved CMP in place, the custodians are, on the one hand, constrained not to do things without approval which are contrary to the CMP or may reduce the heritage value of the item. On the other hand, they are strengthened to seek public funding, donations or support to assist them to undertake work approved in the CMP.

All Saints’ Anglican Church, Ainslie, had its revised CMP approved by the ACT Heritage Council in March 2016, replacing its 1996 CMP. Accordingly, the Parish is now required to include conservation work recommended in the CMP in its planning, subject to timing constraints regarding resources and other events.

In explaining the background and reasoning with regard to All Saints' heritage conservation, the CMP also provides a valuable historical record of the parish, as well as of the site and the elements of the church building itself.

The full CMP is available to read by clicking on the heading above.


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