Reserving the Sacrament
sacrament2.jpgAll Saints follows the custom of 'reserving' the Blessed Sacrament - the Body of Christ - in the Gethsemane Chapel. The Chapel is located on the south side of the chancel, near the lectern.

The hosts (communion wafers) that were consecrated at mass but not consumed are kept in the aumbry, a small cupboard built into the wall of the chapel.

The Sacrament is kept so that those unable to attend mass may still receive communion.

A lamp is always lit above the aumbry to remind us of the real presence of Jesus Christ in the bread, and thus in our church. Many people customarily genuflect as they approach the aumbry in remembrance of this.

Holy oil (properly called the chrism) used for anointing the newly baptised, the ill, and the faithful departed, is also kept in the aumbry.

This is a very special and sacred part of our church.


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