Faith and Risk



Have you ever been challenged to step outside your comfort zone?   I like to watch cooking shows like Masterchef, and if contestants are to have any hope of winning they have to continually push themselves and take risks that can either succeed or fail.  The same goes for Survivor; contestants push themselves to the limit and beyond in order to gain the title and the prize money.

Well today Jesus meets a rich young ruler who wants to follow him. He comes to Jesus and says, I’m interested in following you, I like what you’re saying, so what do I have to do to be one of your disciples?  I keep the law, I’m a good person, and I’d like the blessing and the security of eternal life. What must I do?   But in reply Jesus simply challenges this young man to step outside his comfort zone.  To follow and to be a disciple, he has to let go of the very things he’s gathered around himself for protection and safety: his wealth and his possessions.

Possessions – are they good or bad? Blessings or hindrances?  It’s an age-old question.  But Jesus puts his finger on the real issue. The crisis for the man with many possessions was not how much he owned, but that the property owned him, blocking his way to unity with God.  What are the things that get in the way of a close walk with Jesus for us?  What are the things that continually distract and preoccupy us?  Are there things we imagine we couldn’t possibly live without, either possessions, or money or even relationships?  What would a radical reorientation of our lives look like if we were to really follow Christ, and what stands in the way of our becoming the people God intends us to be.  These are the key questions for us today.

Faith in God will take you out of your comfort zone.  It will challenge you and lead you on unknown paths that you have never travelled before.  It’s not predictable or easy, but it’s definitely worth the ride.

In peace, Mother Lynda


Gospel reading: Mark 10:17-31