The Feast of the Transfiguration marks the end of the Epiphany season with its stories of miracles, and its deep sense that in this Jesus, God’s light is shining into the world.   The Transfiguration up on the mountain top, revealed Jesus in all his glory to the Disciples, with people dressed in white, strange light, Moses and Elijah wandering around, and a disembodied voice booming from the heavens to confirm that this Jesus who they knew on a daily basis, who broke bread with them, and walked with them, was indeed God’s Son sent into the world.

What have we learnt this Epiphany-tide?  Who is this Jesus and what is he calling us to do?

We now stand on the brink of Lent with its painful story of the journey to the cross.  None of us really want to go through Lent to get to Easter.  Can’t we just skip the ashes and the sackcloth?  The reality is that we can’t, either in the season or in our lives.  As part of our Lenten discipline, the tradition encourages us to either give something up or to take something on as part of our Lenten discipline.  I read of a great idea recently, called ‘Forty Days, Forty Items’.  Each day of Lent remove one item of clothing from your wardrobe and put it into a bag. At the end of Lent – donate these items to a place that can share them with someone who can really use them!  What a great idea!

In peace, Mother Lynda

Gospel Reading:  Luke 9:28-36