Breakfast to Go

Who doesn’t like breakfast on the beach!   Weary of all the drama, the disciples return to doing what they know best; pushing out the boats and going fishing.  It would be a welcome distraction from the pain and guilt of the past few weeks.  But they had a non-productive night, and there were no fish to be caught.  As the dawn emerges across the horizon, and as the boats approach the land, they catch sight of a figure watching them from the beach, who calls out and tells the weary fishermen to let down their nets on the other side of the boat.  To their amazement, when they do as he says, they catch so many fish that their nets begin to break.

So who is this person on the beach, who knows so much about fishing, who can tell seasoned fishermen their job? Intrigued they land the boats and to their shock and amazement, find the risen Jesus.   Once again, his presence is unexpected and even frightening, and they struggle to come to terms with it.

A fire is burning, and breakfast is cooking: bread and fish.  What a scene! What a welcome! The risen Christ sitting on the beach and cooking breakfast for them.  Over and over again after his resurrection, Jesus comes to his disciples, not in glory and light, but in the ordinary and the everyday, over food, while they’re walking on the road, or in the room where they’re hiding away in fear.  Just as it was for the disciples, we too can meet the risen Christ in everything we do if our eyes are open and we are ready to find him.

In peace, Lynda

Gospel Reading:  John 21