Creator, Redeemer, Life-Giver

As I write this, the media is full of dramatic footage of protests across America, protests that have been a mix of peaceful and violent, as George Floyd’s death lit a long-repressed fuse of racial anger.  We pray for the United States as it faces these issues, and pray that above everything a path might be … Read more

Spirit Wind

This Sunday we mark Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit among the apostles and followers of Jesus.   This is the day we celebrate the birthday of the Church.  This is the day the wind of the Spirit blew through the lives of his disciples, transforming them, galvanising them, releasing them from their fears and doubts and … Read more


Over the past weeks we’ve been remembering Jesus’ last words to his friends before his cruel and untimely death.  We’ve thought about his reminder to them to not be afraid, to not be troubled no matter how bad things seemed, because they were not, and would never be alone.  There was always a bigger picture.  As they ate … Read more

Home but not Alone

The Daily Office is one of the ancient traditions of the Anglican Church that has survived since the Reformation. And it has survived for a very good reason. Saying the Daily Office morning and evening bookends the day with Scripture and prayer, and is a wonderful habit to build into our daily lives.  I’d like to … Read more

Don’t be Afraid

Although Virtual Church is our current reality for weekly worship, we remain community.  There have been many times through the centuries when the Church has been forced to scatter, either through war or persecution, or due to pandemics of various kinds.  And yet the Church as the people of God always continues on and is often somehow … Read more

The Good Shepherd

When I watched our Sunday Mass online last weekend, and I saw familiar faces at the moment when we would normally pass the Peace, I felt quite moved.  I encourage you all to take a moment to take a photo, either your family group or just yourself, with a simple hand-made ‘Peace be with You’ sign, … Read more

Bread and Wine

Many of you know that I am a sourdough baker, and that I really enjoy feeding my sourdough plant and creating loaves of bread to share.  I think the whole of Australia has rediscovered the joy and creativity of bread baking in these difficult times – because there’s not a packet of flour or yeast to … Read more

Faith and Doubt

On this first Sunday after Easter, we encounter Thomas, and his struggle for faith in difficult circumstances.   Thomas is the patron saint for all of us today who have times of questioning, times of doubting and times of wondering about our faith.   Unlike Roman Catholicism, Anglican faith is not a package deal.  Following the tradition of Richard Hooker, … Read more

Holy Week

As I write this reflection, we are right in the middle of Holy Week, the darkest week of the Church year.  This week we approach the desolation of the cross, and then walk through it to the joy of Easter and the hope and joy of resurrection.  The Holy Week story tells us that it is only … Read more

Palm Sunday

On this Sunday, the Sunday of the Passion, we set out once again on a journey into the most sombre and Holy Week in the Christian calendar, and we do so this year as we face a sombre and difficult time in our world.  This week, as we draw near to Jesus and share in his … Read more