Prayers for Healing

Our monthly Healing Mass tonight will not only provide a space for us to pray for healing of our bodies, but to also pray for the healing and cleansing of our Church, following the recent revelations of past abuse. Together in both ritual and prayer, gathered around bread and wine, we will express our sorrow for the evil that has been perpetuated not only in the wider church, but right here at All Saints.

Over the past few weeks we have been confronted right here at home with the very issues that we have seen played out on the television through the Royal Commission.  It’s hard to face such things, even though they happened here so long ago, and I know that I personally felt just so deeply sad that someone ordained as a priest and trusted with the care of souls would abuse this privilege.  But nevertheless, it is so, and we do have to face it together.

The ‘church’ as in institution has throughout history exhibited the mix of brokenness and beauty that marks human beings.  If it was simply a secular institution it would have faded into obscurity long ago.  Indeed, many people have turned away from the Church because of this brokenness and many have doubted the way of Christ, and yet like Peter, we can only say ‘To whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life.’

The Jesus we follow, the one who called the Church into being, brings healing and hope to our troubled and broken world, but also to this broken and wounded Church.  Come and join us at 5pm this evening as we pray together, and lay this brokenness at the feat of the crucified and risen one.

In peace, Mother Lynda