Baptism at All Saints

Thank you for the privilege of sharing your joy in the birth of your child.Through the celebration of baptism we join with you in thanking God for this special gift.

A baptism is a special occasion. Through this Sacrament we not only celebrate the gift of a new life, we also make a commitment to our child’s future. The service and the celebrations are just the beginning. Baptism is your pledge to a lifetime of caring. It represents your undertaking that you will seek the highest values for your child, that you will bring your son or daughter up within the Christian faith and in relationship with the Church.

You have chosen Godparents to assist you in this important task and we want you to know that you have the support and prayers of the parish community. Children learn most readily by watching what their parents do and by participating with them. For this reason it is important that we establish a pattern of worship with our children. By participating with them we will be developing spiritual values and helping them to grow towards a time when they can make a mature decision for themselves about the promises made for them at their baptism. Please feel comfortable about bringing your children to church. They should feel at home in the parish family as it gathers for worship. We are certainly enriched by their presence.

The Way Ahead

The first step is to discuss the possible date and time with the parish office. Baptisms at All Saints are normally held either in the 9.30am Mass, or at a special Baptism service at 11.30am on the first Sunday of the month. The Parish Baptism Co-ordinator is in the office on Thursday, but you may leave a message at any time by phone or email and the Co-ordinator will be in touch as soon as possible.

When the baptism date is confirmed, you will meet with the Rector who will explain the service and the promises you will make with your Godparents.