'The last will be first, and the first will be last'

In this Gospel passage (Matt. 20.1-16), we see an example of God’s economics. The vineyard owner hires workers at the beginning of the day to harvest grapes. As the day wears on he hires more workers.

The problem comes at the end of the day, when he pays every worker the same amount of money no matter what time they started. The workers who had toiled since the beginning of the day cried ‘unfair!’

In God’s economy all our ideas of ‘fair’ get thrown out of the window. In God’s economy, all are treated with generosity, all are treated with dignity, and all are welcome.

Our Virtual Church team has been producing a weekly Mass since March, and now we are taking a break.

We plan to return around Christmas time with something appropriate for that season.

Thank you so much for responding to our online offerings. Please keep in touch.

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