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Mary Mother of our Lord – Sunday 21 August

The Gospel of Luke links the most sublime moments of God’s dealings with the human story to events within the human story itself. Thus two simple people–Mary and Joseph–set out for an insignificant town in Palestine–Bethlehem. At Bethlehem, the events of what we know as Christmas take place. On this occasion we honour the life of Mary, Mother of Our Lord.

One of the purposes of remembering people like Mary is to give us examples of people who tried to do what God wanted of them, despite all the troubles and difficulties they faced. The people we call saints and the person called Mary were all ordinary people who wee called to do what God wanted them to do. Most of them were just like us–pretty ordinary, but what makes them different is that God game them special jobs to do.

We honour Mary and pray that we too may respond to the call of God in the place where we have been put. Like her we are called to respond in faith, knowing that God’s plan is the way we live our lives in God’s love.

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