What Form Will The Service Take?

The wedding ceremony will be an Anglican form of service. The church itself is not ‘for hire’.

An Anglican priest who is licensed within the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn and those from other dioceses who have the Bishop’s permission must conduct the ceremony. We welcome clergy of other denominations to assist in the ceremony.

The Wedding Service

The priest will meet with you both a few times before your wedding to help you to arrange the service.

The master for service booklets will be produced at the church. We have lists of suitable prayers, readings, and music, or you are able to choose your own if you prefer.


The priest is happy to discuss photography and videoing of your ceremony.

In general, photographs are usually taken at the following times:

  • As the bride comes into the Church;
  • After the signing of the Register when the bride and groom will pose for photographs;
  • At the handing over of the Marriage Certificate;
  • As the couple leave the Church.

Photos may be taken at other times as long as the photographer is out of sight. A good spot is the organ gallery at the back of the church.

Stay In Contact

If you would like to be married at All Saints, the first thing to do is contact the office on (02) 6248 7420 to see if your date is available.

You may also wish to complete this contact form or send an email to admin(at)

Wedding bookings are often made a year or so in advance of the day.

Please remember to keep in contact with the office if you move or change your contact details.

We don’t want your plans spoilt by not knowing where to find you when it comes time to fill in the necessary paperwork!