Mary and Elizabeth

The Christmas season is upon us once again; for most of us it is a time of joy and celebration, of coming together as families.  Yet it’s so easy for the great truths of this season to get lost in all the rush, and in the relentless commercialism that takes ownership of the Christmas story for its own ends.

As we walk ever closer to Bethlehem, and look for the vulnerable baby born in a lowly stable, we remember that God came to us in Jesus, walked our journey and lived our life. God set out on the most risky venture of all:  allowing a young unmarried girl to be the God-bearer, when her pregnancy could so easily have led to her being to death. Only the faith of Joseph saved her from such a fate.  As Mary shares her unbelievable news with her cousin Elizabeth, Elizabeth’s unborn child is the first to grasp who Jesus was.  Mary’s response is to sing her song of joy, that we know as the Magnificat. ‘My soul glorifies the Lord….because he has taken notice of me, a person of no account.’

Today we remember that the Prince of Peace, comes yet again into a world where we experience war and violence as the norm.   Today as we light the candle of Love, we remember that Jesus Christ, the one who walked our way, taught us how to love the very least of our brothers and sisters.  The meaning of Christmas comes alive, when it is a Christmas for others.     We must not let feelings of indifference or powerlessness in the face of the world’s need, prevent us doing something, no matter how small, no matter how local to express the real meaning of Christmas this year.

A very peaceful and blessed Christmas to you all.   May God’s Spirit be with you throughout this busy time, and as we begin our journey together as a community into 2019.

Shalom, Lynda

Readings:  Micah 5:2-5a; Luke 1:26-45